Riding a bicycle is becoming a more and more popular activity nowadays. Whether the surge in people taking to bicycles is due to the increase in petrol prices or concern about the environment; what we do now is that choosing a bicycle as a mode of transportation has numerous health benefits which cannot be ignored.

Why mountain-biking over regular cycling? Although normal bike riding does increase your health, mountain biking pushes it to that extra level of cardiovascular activity through the use of gear variety, bike structure and riding terrain. One of the main health benefits of riding a mountain bike is the improvement of cardiovascular fitness. This is because cycling makes the heart pound steadily, increasing your heart’s fitness by three to seven percent and decreasing the risk of having coronary heart disease. A study done by the British Medical Association on 10,000 people showed that riding a bicycle for at least 20 miles in a week, lessens your risk of having coronary heart disease by almost 50%.

Riding a mountain bike also builds, strengthens and tones your muscles. If you do ride regularly, the muscles on your legs, thighs, buttocks and hips will strengthen, helping to protect your hip and knee joints.

Taking your mountain bike out on a rougher-terrain track is a good way of improving stamina and body coordination; since you are using numerous parts of your body while riding.

It also reduces stress and depression; however it is advisable that you consult with a doctor before beginning a rigorous fitness program and they can inform you of the best way to incorporate cycling into your overall fitness routine. It is also best to make sure you have top-quality biking gear such as a sturdy helmet and knee and elbow pads. If you are not too keen on mountain bikes, but still want to use a bicycle to improve your health and fitness, you can choose a road bike which is best for riding on paved surfaces, and are light for long distance riding. Alternatively hybrid bicycles are designed for light trail riding and have more comfortable saddles.

Whichever option you choose, there’s no doubt that riding a bicycle has been proven as an excellent way to better your health, improve fitness levels and reduce stress; and you can find all the bicycles and bike accessories you’ll need from Bicycles Online. They can help you choose the correct bicycle for you, and give you advice on what accessories and safety gear you may need to kick-start your cycling health routine!





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