If you're tired of your kids glued to video games that you secretly fear are turning their brains to mush, there's good news. There are many brain game apps out there that your kids will actually play because they incorporate fun and learning. Most of these apps can be downloaded through the Android or Apple download stores.

1. Fit Brains for Kids: Sparky's Adventures

Kidsone175x175Sparky's Adventures is a brain game app for children from ages two to eight. It includes more than 200 in-app games full of bright colors and cute characters. The games are designed to improve attention, memory, problem-solving skills, speed and visual skills. The game automatically adjusts to challenge your child, so even children who are advanced for their age can get a mental workout.

If you would like to keep track of your child's progress, there is a parent's area where you can view charts and other information. The app will also tell you if your child is performing above or below their age group.



2. Brain Quest


Brain Quest is a group of apps that are divided by age so you can choose the best app for your child's needs. There are four apps total, and they range from first grade to fifth grade. These apps are based on the 20-year-old Brain Quest card deck systems that are popular in school classrooms. They feature cartoon characters and a coin reward system that kids will enjoy.

Each app includes 56 levels with 1,200 questions that give kids curriculum-based questions in timed sessions that not only help them become more knowledgeable, but also teach them to think on their feet. The app will also track the score of up to three children, so sharing won't be a problem.

3. Brain Doctor Brain Game

KidsthreeIf you have a future doctor in the family, or just want to introduce your child to medicine, then Brain Doctor can make the process more fun. This app teaches children about how to check heartbeats, use a stethoscope and thermometer, check a patient's blood pressure and do many other medical processes. The game makes it fun by allowing kids to "treat" a cartoon patient.








4. Kids Memory Games Brain Teaser

brainteasers1Kids who tend to forget their socks, do their chores or feed the family pet may need a memory tune-up. Kids Memory Games Brain Teaser is a lot like the cardboard memory game you may have played as a child, except that it can be played by only one player. The user is presented with a certain number of blocks that have pictures on them. The child must pair up similar blocks by remembering their placement.

To make the game more difficult, kids can add more blocks to the game or do a timed version. Kids can customize their game even further by choosing what kind of pictures appear on the blocks. They can choose from cartoon characters, dolls, animals, vehicles and more.


5. Kids Brain Trainer

BraintrainerKids Brain Trainer is an app designed to help grow the minds of children from ages three to five. It contains 27 games in all, including matching games, games to identify what doesn't belong and puzzle games. Each one is designed to develop a child's short-term memory, visual attention, visual-motor coordination, visual-spatial relations, bilateral coordination and tactile skills. Kids will like this app because of the silly animals. Parents will particularly enjoy that this app is ad-free, so there won't be any accidental clicks.

You no longer need to feel guilty about letting your child play video games. No matter if your child uses a tablet or smartphone, these five apps will build their mental skills while keeping them entertained.



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